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Welcome to our new website!

This is our very first blog post from the Environmental Health Strategy Center. Thank you for checking us out. I hope this will be your first of many visits to our new site.

We’re planning to use this blog as a place to share everything from recipes detailing how to make your own safe products to reflections on why the latest emerging environmental health science is relevant to Maine families. We also want you to get to know us through videos and updates from the trenches and for us to get to know you by hearing your feedback as comments and by inviting our activists and supporters to share their stories in guest blog entries.

We’re looking for people who are interested in being regular blog post contributors. You’ll work with our Outreach and Organizing Director to generate ideas for topics to cover and share your insight into how to improve environmental health and build a sustainable economy. If you’re interested let us know by emailing Kristine.

To be alerted to new posts to this blog click on the “Subscribe with RSS” link in the top right of this page. You can also stay in the know by becoming a fan on our Facebook page. Whenever you read something here that you think your friends or family would be interested in click on the share link and send it along to them. We appreciate you spreading the word about the good work we’re doing!

Thanks again,
Amanda & the rest of us at EHSC