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Speak Out for Our Kids: Ban BPA from Can Linings!

Several years ago, we were shocked to find out that our beloved Nalgene bottles were in fact poisoning us. Today, many companies boast that their products are made without BPA. However, there still remains a major pathway by which BPA enters our bodies and more importantly, our children’s bodies: baby & toddler food containers, like cans and jars.

You may be wondering, can we really do anything to stop such a common chemical from being used in all our food packaging? Yes, we CAN (pun intended)!

Love ME Rally

Moms and kids get together for the Love ME Rally

Last Tuesday, EHSC joined the Alliance for a Clean and Healthy Maine and Mainely Moms and Dads for a Valentines Day celebration at the State House known as the Love ME Rally. The event kicked off a new campaign to remove the toxic chemical BPA from our food supply – starting with baby and toddler food containers.

Under Maine’s Kid Safe Products Act, The Department of Environmental Protection has the authority to put forward this kind of rule for consideration. But we don’t have to wait for them. By starting a citizen’s initiated rulemaking, we can ensure a public hearing on a rule to remove BPA from baby and toddler foods – just by collecting a few hundred signatures from Maine voters.

Here’s how you can help:

1. Help us get enough signatures before the end of March. By gathering 20 from family and friends, you’ll be bringing us closer to our goal! Contact ehalasoc@preventharm.org for more information.

2. Write a letter to the editor highlighting the need for Maine’s DEP to support our efforts to pass this important rule.

Toddler foods

Our proposed rule would get BPA out of foods marketed to toddlers

Help us protect Maine families!

BPA is a known endocrine disruptor, affecting the way vital reproductive and developmental hormones are distributed in our bodies, leading to early onset of puberty, brain development and immune function (1). BPA has also been linked to increased risk of heart disease, breast and prostate cancer, metabolic disorders and diabetes, and neurological and behavioral disorders (2). This is not a chemical we want anywhere near us. Let’s ban BPA from baby and toddler food can linings!


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